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Why Outsource?

Outsourcing your business to Softcom delivers significant cost savings to your company in both the short and long term. If you need a specific requirement we will..
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Company Services

We offer Company Services ranging from Company Formation, Management, Provision of a Registered Office, Secretarial Services, Financial Administration & Accounting, Treasury Operations & Related Activities, Recruitment Services and Logistics Support...
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Online Payslips

Imagine the flexibility to access and control your online payslips over the web without the need of paper distribution. Our online web payslip product delivers ease of ...
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Payroll Outsourcing

Our Managed Payroll Outsourcing service is our market leading solution and can be customised to suit your specific managed payroll requirements...
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Global Payroll Services

Softcom also offers global payroll services. We know that payroll can be a time consuming task no matter how small or large
your organisation is.

We aim to provide a highly efficient and comprehensive global payroll solution, which allows you as a company to utilise our expertise without the need to maintain a payroll department.

Our Global Payroll Services include:

  • Worldwide payroll processing
  • Covering multiple jurisdictions
  • Employer and employee set-up for relevant country
  • Electronic payslips or Payslips Online
  • Employee payments in relevant currency
  • Employer queries
  • Choice of different payment frequencies
  • Tax and social security deductions calculation
  • Direct payment of net pay into the employees' bank accounts
  • Year-end documentation
  • Employee year-end and leaver documentation preparation

Contact us for further details regarding our global payroll services.