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Irish Payslip Explanation

Please note that this payslip is for illustration purpose only. Your actual payslip may vary in layout and terminology used.

Standard Irish Payslip Explanation

Standard Terms and what they mean

  • COMPANY NAME: this the name of your employer.
  • CURRENT PAYSLIP: this indicates that this is payslip for this pay period.
  • EMP NAME: this is where your name appears on the payslip.
  • FREQUENCY: this indicates your pay frequency. M = Monthly, W = Weekly, F = Fortnightly, 4 = Four-Weekly, B = Bi-Monthly.
  • PPS NO: this is your PPS Number (Personal Public Service Number).
  • EMP NO: this is your employee / staff number.
  • DEPT: this is the department allocated to you by your employer.
  • COST: this is the cost center allocated to you by your employer.
  • PAY PERIOD: this is the pay period the payment relates to. e.g. 4 = April for monthly paid and 4 = Week number 4 if weekly paid.
  • PAY DATE: this is the date when you would receive the Nett Pay in your account.

  • PAYMENT DETAILS: this lists out what you have been paid for this pay period.
  • DESC: Name of the payment(s) you are paid for.
  • T/N: Taxable or Nett payment indicator.
  • HOURS: If any hours are paid, they will be listed under hours.
  • VALUE: this is the value for each payment made to you.

  • DEDUCTION DETAILS: this lists out all the statutory deductions and voluntary contributions by you.
  • DESC: Lists out the statutory and voluntary contributions.
  • T/N: G means Gross Deduction and N means Nett Deduction. Gross Deductions are applied to your Gross income and
    Nett Deductions are taken before the Nett Pay calculation.
  • THIS PERIOD: Value this period.
  • BALANCE: Year to date balance.
  • PAYE: Pay As You Earn (Income Tax).
  • PRSI: Pay Related Social Insurance.
  • U S C: Universal Social Charge.

  • OTHER DEDUCTIONS: These are voluntary contributions.
  • PENSION: this is the pension contribution you made.
  • AVC: this is Additional Voluntary Contributions towards pension.
  • HEALTH: this is health insurance contribution for dependents.
  • PRSA: this is Personal Retirement Savings Account contribution.

  • SUMMARY OF PAY: A Summary of your Pay this period.

  • GROSS PAY: total taxable income this period.
  • TOTAL DEDS: total deductions this period. Statutory and Voluntary Contributions.
  • NON-TAX ADJ: Non Taxable Adjustments.
  • ROUNDING: If there was any rounding carried out it will be listed here.
  • NETT PAY: The amount you will receive after paying all statutory taxes and voluntary contributions.
  • PAY METHOD: The way you get paid. PayPath = Directly to your bank, Cheque = Employer pays you by cheque.

  • CUMMULATIVE DETAILS: Your year to date earnings and tax allowance summary.
  • GROSS PAY: Your Total earnings in the current year.
  • NON-TAX DEDS: Your pension / PRSA and other Gross deduction contributions this year.
  • TAXABLE PAY: Your Taxable earnings in the current year.
  • TAX CREDIT: Your Personal Tax Credit used this year.
  • STD. CUT OFF: Your Standard Rate Cut-Off Point used this year.
  • TAX PAID: Tax paid (PAYE) so far this year.

  • TAX/PRSI DETAILS: Tax Status and PRSI Contribution details.
  • TAX CODE: The tax code used to calculate your tax (PAYE). N = Normal / Cumulative Basis, W = Week 1 / Month 1 Basis,
    E = Emergency Basis.
  • EMR ST PERIOD: Indicates if you started on emergency tax basis this year.
  • TAX CREDIT TP: Personal Tax Credit's value applied.
  • PAY REL CODE: PRSI Class at which PRSI is calculated.
  • TOTAL INS WEEKS: Total insurable weeks to date in this employment from start of the year.

  • COMMENTS: Details of Employer contributions
  • EMP'ER PRSI PER: Employer PRSI Contribution this period.
  • EMP'ER PRSI TD: Employer PRSI Contribution this year.
  • TP PENER: Employer Pension / PRSA Contribution this period.
  • TY PENER: Employer Pension / PRSA Contribution this year.
  • BIK YTD: Benefit in Kind paid this year.