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Online Timesheets

Online Timesheet management application offers your company the ability to capture payments and/or deductions over your company pay cycles. The Online Timesheet ...
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Online Expense Manager

Keep both your inhouse staff and mobile staff streamlined and cost efficient with Softcom's Expense Manager. Submitting has never being easier...
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Online Payslips

Imagine the flexibility to access and control your online payslips over the web without the need of paper distribution. Our online web payslip product delivers ease of ...
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Payroll Outsourcing

Our Managed Payroll Outsourcing service is our market leading solution and can be customised to suit your specific managed payroll requirements...
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Why Outsource your Payroll?

An Irish leader in employer services for over 17 years. We focus on your Payroll

& Expense Management while you focus on doing business.

Softcom provides many outsourced services under one roof.

  • Dedicated experts in Payroll, Payslip and Expenses management on hand
  • Reduces overhead and operational Costs
  • Keep your core business focused on what it does best
  • Knowledge availability to you which might not have been available internally.
  • Now complex procedures can be managed more easily without taking up time.
  • Your payroll is managed and controlled professionally and efficiently
  • Frees up your company administrative tasks and personnel

Overall outsourcing your business to Softcom delivers significant cost savings to your company in both the short and long term.
If you need a specific requirement we will be flexible to meet your needs

*All data is hosted / maintained in Ireland